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Agriculture for Growth and Development

Date Added: March 13, 2012 10:41:15 AM
Author: woods
Category: Business: Agriculture
When a lot of people dream of working in flashy offices inside high-rise buildings, some choose to come back to the basics. They would rather plant fruits and vegetables that nourish the growth and strength of the community for a living. There are many opportunities in agriculture that a lot of city hunters miss. Always be reminded that agriculture is where life begins. Growing trees from seeds is like seeing life slowly taking shape. Giving birth to an animal is the same as experiencing life in its more concrete form. All of these are what you can expect from agriculture. It is a very important process in the advancement of human life. And without a doubt, it is an industry that nobody can live without. Biotechnology and many new discoveries are being applied to agriculture given today’s modern times. The science of agriculture makes food production a lot faster and more efficient than it once was several hundred years ago. With these new advances, better techniques are developed. And these are the things that allow people to use acres of agriculture lands to its maximum capability. The top agricultural products around the world are cereals and vegetables. People from all over consume them by tons. And of all the fruits produced, melons are the ones most popular. Then there are roots and tubers, including milk as part of the major production. Sugar cane, corn, wheat, and rice top the individual crops produced since 2004. There are many practices necessary to cultivate plants to their best form. These practices are supposed to be implemented in farms in order to yield the best possible results. Tillage is the act of plowing of soil so that nutrients are incorporated into it while controlling the proliferation of pests and harmful animals at the same time. Pests are the hazards in farms and animal husbandry. It is very important that they are eliminated from the plot of land that you’re planting on. There are both chemicals and organic substances that can be used for pest control. Now that organic awareness is being promoted, the environment-friendly option is the more popular type of pesticides and fertilizers today. Fertilizers are needed so that plants thrive on nutrition. The same is true with animals, wherein they are given the necessary doses of supplements and vitamins for them to remain healthy. Nutrition management is very essential as it allows the yield to grow big and strong for better production outputs. Aside from nutrients, water is also essential in agriculture. A steady supply of water is needed to make sure that farmers won’t have to rely on rainfall in order to shower their crops. Irrigation is required to maintain the moisture of the soil. And by doing that, the soil can be used all year round, while farmers rotate their crops all around. Agriculture still plays a very important role even in today fast-paced society. When all first world countries invest on electronics and high-ticket manufacturing, their need for agricultural products remains the same. The places where natural food items are a bounty are the ones that can ensure better nutrition for the rest of the world.
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